Competition Commission Report on Manchester Airport plc


Manchester Airport plc: a report on the economic regulation of Manchester Airport plc

Hard copies of the Report are available from The Stationery Office

Part I   Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 2 Conclusions

Part II  Background and evidence

Chapter 3 Background to the inquiry

Chapter 4 Financial performance and accounting data

Chapter 5 Quality of Service

Chapter 6 Operating costs and efficiency

Chapter 7 Airport market analysis and commercial activities

Chapter 8 Capital investment

Chapter 9 Financial projections

Chapter 10 Views of the CAA, the DfT and other bodies

Chapter 11 Views of Manchester Airport

Chapter 12 Views of airlines and airline representative bodies

Chapter 13 Views of other interested parties


(The numbering of the appendices indicates the chapters to which they relate)

1.1  The reference and the background

3.1 Definition of key statutory terms

3.2 Extracts from ICAO documents and from the 'Exchange of Notes' on Bermuda 2

4.1 MA and subsidiaries: financial performance, profit and loss statements

4.2 MA and subsidiaries: financial performance, balance sheets

4.3 Reconciliation between statutory/regulatory: turnover and operating profit

4.4 Reconciliation of MA and subsidiaries' net operating assets and MA's regulatory asset base

4.5 Inflation indices

4.6 List of Manchester Airport's non-regulated charges

5.1 CAP 679: Economic Regulation of Manchester Airport 1998-2003: Conditions

5.2 MA's consultative groups as at April 2002

5.3 The CAA's proposals for enhanced information disclosure as a basis for consultation with customers (framework for consultation document)

5.4 Manchester Airport Generic Service Standards

5.5 Passenger service standards for 2002

6.1 Manchester's forecast and actual expenditure for Q3

6.2 Detailed analysis of staff costs

6.3 Manchester's forecast of operating expenditure for Q4

7.1 Passenger throughput at all UK airports, and growth, 1996 to 2001

7.2 Manchester passenger throughput by airline in 2001

7.3 Manchester's share of  airline passengers by catchment area and type of service, 1999

7.4 TRL's estimates of airport charges worldwide

7.5 Manchester's Sales Development and Additional Marketing Funds

7.6 Manchester's rental income from the retail outlets in 2001

7.7 Executive summary of consultant's report on retail and property activities at Manchester

7.8 Manchester's car parking charges and those of comparators

7.9 Staff parking charges at Manchester, 1998/99 to 2002/03

8.1 Manchester's longer-term capital investment programme covering the period 2002/03 to 2011/12

9.1 A note on inflation assumptions

9.2 Financial projections in nominal terms

10.1 The CAA's response on issues

11.1 Manchester Airport plc - Submission to the Competition Commission on single/dual till, CCM 300, 11 September 2002

11.2 Derivation of the sales development fund for the next quinquennium