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CAA Medical Department Call Centre



The call centre number is 01293 573700 and you will be offered two options.  Press 1 for Medical or Press 2 for Flight Crew and Engineer Licensing.  After choosing Medical you will be asked to choose from one of five options which will connect you to people who are trained to assist you in specific areas as detailed below:

Class 2 and light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL) queries should be made to the doctor who issued your medical certificate or explore our website.

Press 1 if you are an AME, then
(1) If you have any administrative queries
(2) If you wish to speak to the AME online team
(3) If you have a medical query and wish to speak to an Aeromedical Adviser

Press 2 if you are a non-UK licence holder and wish to convert your licence

Press 3 if you wish to book a medical examination or specialist consultation or if you have attended for a medical at the UK CAA and are awaiting the issue of your certificate

Press 4 to check on whether a report has been received or to report a change of fitness, and for all general enquiries.  From here you will be transferred to the administration team.

If the option you choose is busy then a voicemail service will be provided.  Please speak clearly, leave your name, CAA reference number, contact number and a brief message. As soon as someone is available they will call you back.  Please help us to provide a more efficient service by choosing the correct option.








May 2013