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UK CAA Aeromedical Centre

We undertake all types of EASA, Eurocontrol Transport Canada and CASA (Australian) aeromedical examinations, including initial EASA Class 1 and Eurocontrol Class 3 medicals for anyone wishing to train for a commercial/airline transport pilot’s licence and air traffic controller's licence.  Our centre provides assessments with consultant physicians across a range of medical specialties including cardiology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and respiratory medicine for pilots and ATCOs and has associated specialist investigation equipment such as exercise electrocardiography (Exercise ECGs), echocardiography, 24hr ambulatory ECGs (also known as a Holter monitor), ambulatory blood pressure monitors, advanced vision assessment tools and lung function assessment.

All the components of the standard medical can be completed on-site at the centre.  The cost can be found in the current scheme of charges.

How to make an appointment
Contact our Call Centre on +44 (0)1293 573700, select option 1 for Medical, then choose the option to book a medical appointment.  
Please note that appointments for medicals, consultant reviews and investigations cannot be made via e-mail.  Medical appointments are available at 0830 and 1245, Monday to Friday and are normally available within ten days.  Details of charges can be found in the current scheme of charges.

How to pay
For examinations at the CAA payment can be made by credit/debit card at the time of booking (Aeromedical Centre Clinic charges)
Additional tests or assessments with a medical specialist are sometimes required by EASA if something unusual is detected or to further evaluate known medical conditions. 

When the medical has been completed, the doctor carrying out your physical examination should be able to tell you whether all seems normal.  If the results are satisfactory, your medical certificate will be issued and for most applicants this is usually on the same day, shortly after the medical has been completed.

*Please note that investigations and assessments required in addition to the standard medical may require an additional payment.

Aviation House - location and facilities

Buses are available between Gatwick Airport and Aviation House, which is situated in the City Place area to the South of the airport.  A map is available with directions.  Further information on getting to Aviation House and details of the bus time tables is also available.

  • An internet café  and free wi-fi facilities are available in the visitor area of the atrium at Aviation House.
  • Hot and cold drinks and snacks can be purchased at the café where the opening times are 0730-1600. At various times during the day hot snacks can also be purchased. (e.g. sausage and bacon baguettes between 0900-1030 and pasties/sausage rolls/filled jacket potatoes/soup between 1130-1415).

Tips for your Class 1 medical
It may save you time if you can bring reports from your medical specialists regarding any known medical conditions with you.  Please ensure that these are in English or have a formal translation into English.

If you have never had an eye test, or if you have any concerns about your vision including colour vision, you may wish to go to your local optician for assessment prior to booking.

Please read the guidance notes for completing the MED 160 form.  Please remember that if you withhold relevant information or make false statements you may be committing an offence which could result in enforcement action by the CAA and in the denial or withdrawal of your medical certificate.

Shortly after arrival you will be asked to provide us with a urine sample.  Whilst there is no problem with performing this a little later, ensuring adequate hydration will aid this.

Wear comfortable clothes and either wear or bring footwear suitable for exercising in.  Occasionally a candidate is required to perform an exercise test and having appropriate footwear may mean you do not have to return on another day.

If you require further guidance for a pre-existing condition please see our guidance section.  Try to obtain any information that may be required from your own doctor to take with you to the medical.  Guidance on the contents of medical reports required for various conditions is available on our Documents for Download page.

Validity Periods
Summary of requirements for maintaining the validity or your medical certificate.

Associated Rules and Regulations
COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1178/2011, Annex IV, Part-MED and the amendment

Aeromedical Centre
CAA Safety Regulation Group
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex   RH6 0YR

For enquiries and appointments:
Telephone Call Centre +44 (0)1293 573700 - select option 1, then select the option to book a medical appointment.






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