Air Traffic Personnel

Medical requirements for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs)

Becoming an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO)

Anyone wishing to become an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) will need to obtain a European Class 3 medical certificate as part of the licensing requirements.  The initial medical examination must be carried out at either the UK CAA Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) at Gatwick, NATS, Swanwick, Hampshire or NATS Prestwick, Ayrshire.

The examination and required tests take approximately half a day.  There are set charges for all examinations and tests at the AeMC at Aviation House, Gatwick.  Other AeMCs may have their own charging system.

Guidance on initial medical certification for ATCOs

Renewing an ATCO medical certificate

Subsequent, or renewal, medical certificates can be obtained from any class 1 certificated Aeromedical Examiner (AME).  AMEs will set their own charges.

Guidance on renewing an ATCO medical certificate

Decrease in Medical Fitness

Under the current regulations ATCOs are required to notify the Authority of any decrease in medical fitness.  In the first instance contact your AME who can advise whether you should curtail your duties and whether any further information (medical reports or tests) is required.

Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs)

Medical standards for Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs) have been subject to an extensive review, based on risk and task analysis.  Following this review and a consultation process by Air Traffic Standards, FISOs will no longer require a UK Class 3 medical certificate. 

The certification process will be a declaration with medical standards similar to the level required for professional driving in the UK.  This may be done with a GP or an AME.

Full information may be found in Air Traffic Services Information Notice No 77.