Renewal of Medical Certificates for Air Traffic Controllers

Information for Air Traffic Controllers on how to renew medical certification and report a decrease in medical fitness

Subsequent, or renewal, medical certificates can be obtained from any class 1 certificated Aeromedical Examiner (AME).  AMEs will set their own charges. 

All medical certificates issued to Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) on or after 1 September 2009 are European Class 3 Medical Certificates. 

Any UK Class 1 medical certificates issued to ATCOs prior to 1 September 2009 will be valid until the expiry date on the certificate.  Thereafter, these ATCOs shall undertake medical examinations to European Class 3 renewal/revalidation standards.

Associated Rules and Regulations

Requirements for European Class 3 Medical Certification (Eurocontrol)

Who can apply

Anyone who has held a European Class 3 or UK Class 1 medical certificate, which has not expired by more than 5 years

What to expect

The initial medical examination must be carried out at the UK CAA Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) at Gatwick or NATS Swanwick, or NATS Prestwick, (use find an AME for contact details). 

The whole examination can take half a day and includes:

  • a full physical medical examination by a doctor
  • eyesight tests 
  • a resting electrocardiogram (ECG) if due
  • spirometry to assess your lung function
  • an audiogram, if due
  • urine testing
  • blood tests, to check haemoglobin, if due 


Each AME will have their own set of charges, which you should request prior to booking.

How to pay

Each AME will have their own preferred payment methods.  Please enquire at the time of booking your appointment.

Typical processing time

If all the required standards are met a medical certificate should be issued on the day by your AME.


Summary of requirements for keeping your European Class 3 (ATCO) certificate valid

Contact information:

Use our Find an AME database to locate an Aeromedical Examiner in your area.

Decrease in Medical Fitness

Under the current regulations ATCOs are required to notify the Authority of any decrease in medical fitness.  In the first instance contact your AME who can advise whether you should curtail your duties and whether any further information (medical reports or tests) is required.