Information from the Scheme of Charges 2015/2016

Table of certification and recertification of AMEs

The following table is taken from Official Record Series 5, No. 299, The CAA Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing), effective 1 April 2012,  and is for the information of Aeromedical Centres and Aeromedical Examiners.

1.  Certification of AeMCs (Aeromedical Centres)

Certification Activity         Initial certification £         Annual charge payable from 1 April £         

a)  Certification of an AeMC for the issue of EASA Class 1 and 2, EASA LAPL and CAA Class 1 medical certificates, but excluding European Class 3 medical certificates               

b)  Approval of an AeMC for the purpose of issuing European Class 3 certificates1,3821,036
c)  Certification and approval of an AeMC to carry out the above two activities   3,4552,591







2. Certification and recertification of AeroMedical Examiners (AMEs)

Certification ActivityInitial certification £          Annual charge payable from 1 April 2012  £     
a) For issue of EASA Class 1,2 and LAPL, European Class 3 and UK Class 11,234313
b) For issue of EASA Class 2 and LAPL only790230
c) Upgrade from b) to a) above691N/A









3.  Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) - Submission

Medical Examination CategoryCharge (using AME Online) £

a) EASA/UK Class 1 or European Class 3 Revalidation or Renewal                                                             

b) EASA Class 2 Initial, Revalidation or renewal8


Please note submission of medical examination forms undertaken should no longer be sent to the AMS for dataloading