What's New

What's New

Arrangements for Winter Break


For this winter, 2014/15, the winter break will result in the CAA’s offices at CAA House, Aviation House and those in the regions being closed for all normal operations between Wednesday 24 December 2014 and Thursday 1 January 2015 inclusive.

Consequently the Medical Department including the Public Counter, Telephone and Email links will be shut during the following times:

Wednesday 24 December 12.00 - 08.30 Friday 2 January 2015

Any individual or organisation anticipating the need for Medical Department action during the shut down is advised to contact the Department in advance of the shut down period through the normal portals, i.e. 01293 573700 or by e-mail via medicalweb@caa.co.uk

The main CAA switchboard number (01293 567171) will operate in the ‘night service’ mode throughout the shutdown period with a greeting message that will provide details of the office closure and re-opening periods.

Changes to CAA Telephone Medical Advisory Service


In accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulations medical certificate applicants and holders are obliged to seek aeromedical advice from an Aero Medical Examiner (AME) or Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) in the event of a decrease in medical fitness. The CAA’s Authority Medical Section (AMS) aeromedical advisory service will no longer be accessible to medical certificate applicants and holders from 6 October 2014. AMEs and AeMCs will continue to have access to the AMS aeromedical advisory service. General Medical Practitioners (GMPs) and Occupational Health Medical Practitioners (OHMPs) will be unaffected as they will continue to contact an AME for aeromedical advice when necessary.

See further details for: Changes to CAA Telephone Medical Advisory Service

Minutes of CAMF meetings


Follow the link for the minutes from the latest Civil Aviation Medicine Forum meeting.

See further details for: Minutes of CAMF meetings

LBA unable to transfer pilot medical records from Germany to other States...


The UK CAA has been advised by the German Authority (LBA) that, due to German national law concerning Data Protection, the LBA are unable to facilitate the transfer of pilot medical records from Germany to other States.

It is therefore not possible to proceed with transfers of State of Licence Issue from Germany (LBA) to the UK (UK CAA), or indeed any other state, as the whole certificatory medical record of pilots must be held by the state to which a licence is transferred.

Please note that German pilots’ licences are fully valid in all EASA member states.

For more on transferring your medical records to the UK follow the link....

See further details for: LBA unable to transfer pilot medical records from Germany to other States...