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European Class 3 Medical Requirements

Requirements for European Class 3 Medical Certification of Air Traffic Controllers

Transfer of medical records to UK CAA

The following page gives details on how to transfer your medical records from another EASA State to the UK, along with a flow chart and application form.

IN 2014/161 Aeromedical Advisory Service for Medical Certificate Holders and Applicants

Link to IN 2014/161 published on 6 October 2014


National Air Traffic Services


Medical Guidelines - advice for professionals

Adobe Website

Adobe Website Adobe Acrobat Reader download


Aeronautical Information Circulars - requires registration.


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


AsMA The Aerospace Medical Association

Association of Aviation Medical Examiners

Association of Aviation Medical Examiners For membership and details of next year's scientific meeting


Link to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) home page.

List of EASA members/Links


FAA Federal Aviation Administration


IAASM International Acadamy of Aviation & Space Medicine


The website of the Light Aircraft Association

Medical Appeals Procedure

Procedure for appealing against a medical decision for any applicant .


National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL)