Air Traffic Services Enquiries

This page provides contact information for enquiries regarding the provision of an Air Traffic Service, CAA Policy, European Requirements or Area Control Centres.

We will endeavour to provide information in response to enquiries via e-mail, however please note that the immediacy provided by the e-mail system does not imply an immediate response. We will endeavour to reply to your message as soon as possible.

Enquiries about ATS at specific aerodromes are normally dealt with by one of two CAA Regional Offices , which also deal with applications for the ANO approval of Aeronautical Radio Stations for ATC, FIS, AGCS, Special Events and Aerodrome Fire Vehicle Communications on 121.6 MHz.

E-mail the Northern Region Office

Tel:  (+44) (0) 1786 457431 

E-mail the Southern Region Office

Tel:  (+44) (0) 1293 573692

General Enquiries

For general enquiries regarding ATS provision, CAA policy, European requirements, Training providers or Area Control Centres, please send an e-mail to

Certification, Designation and Safety Management Systems 

For enquiries regarding the Certification and Designation of ATS Providers, or the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems, please e-mail

Enquiries and information regarding Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) Licensing or Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) licensing can be found in the Air Traffic Personnel section under Personal Licences.