Air Traffic Services


Air Traffic Services (ATS) in the UK are provided by civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) from aerodromes and Area Control Centres across the UK. The CAA oversees the Certification, Designation, and approval of civil ATS in the UK, including equipment and safety procedures involved in the provision of an ATS. The CAA also oversees the training and licensing of personnel involved in the provision of an ATS (primarily Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs)). Military services are regulated by the military authorities.

Aerodrome ATS are provided by the aerodrome operating authority or contracted Certificated and Designated ANSP.

En-Route ATS are provided by NATS under a licence issued by the Minister of State for Transport.

Air Traffic Services also includes the provision of meteorological information for aviation and the provision of aeronautical information.

An overview of the requirements applicable to each service (such as Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Flight Information Services (FIS) etc.) is available on the ATS Requirements Overview, which provides a convenient reference point for service providers in respect of the major regulatory requirements and associated regulatory documents relevant to their operations.