FAQ Answer

FAQ Answer

Description of AAN database fields

Fields on Database search screen

This is normally just a number i.e. 27777 (some of these AAN numbers will have the suffix ‘P’. This was used in the early 90’s to indicate the AAN was for a permit to fly.

This is usually the organisation or individual that made the application (the applicant is the owner of the AAN). 'CAA Internal purposes' is used here if the AAN has been generated by the CAA and not via an external applicant.

Aircraft Type
The aircraft type should always match the aircraft type shown on the UK Aircraft Register for UK registered aircraft (older AAN’s may not adhere to this standard).

Mod No
The modification number used by the applicant (can be numbers or text).

Registration Mark
This includes foreign aircraft registrations as well as UK aircraft registrations.

Serial No.
Serial number of aircraft (This is not an aircraft line number or military registration).

This describes the content of the AAN. This is normally a short description of the contents of the AAN and will reflect the modification title shown on the AAN document.

This field contains a Supplemental Type Certificate number if the AAN approves a foreign STC. Just type the number of the STC in this field. To improve the chances of locating the STC just use the numbers not characters i.e. 6789 not SA6789-D. Please note that this field includes any foreign approved STC’s not just FAA STC’s.

Extra fields shown on the Database search return screen


Issue status of AAN (if there is no number the AAN is at original issue).


The addendum number (if applicable).

AAN Date

This is the application date.


The second issue field is used if an addendum has been re-issued.

Approved Date
This is the date that the regional office surveyor approved the modification.

Final Date
This is the date the AAN was issued. If the AAN was issued without a regional office inspection then there will be no approved date on the record. The AAN has not been issued if there is not a final date showing. However, prior to the recording of data on the AAN database in the early 1990’s the issue or approval of the AAN may not be recorded.

Cancelled date
Occasionally an AAN will be cancelled, usually because the applicant decides not to progress the modification further. The date that the CAA actions the applicants cancellation request is shown here.