Airworthiness Approval Notes


Airworthiness Approval Notes (AANs) represent an approval at a point in time. The approval holder going out of business or changes to CAA policies or requirements do not necessarily cause updates to the AANs. The designs covered by AANs may therefore no longer be available under the same conditions or even at all.

Whilst the AANs are publicly available, readers should not assume that technical reports, drawings or documents referred to therein are also publicly available.

AANs do not, intentionally, contain sufficient information from which to "copy" a design, evidence of identicality is the responsibility of applicants for design approvals where they are attempting to oblige the CAA to make use of technical information it already holds for the purposes of easing the path of subsequent approval for a similar design.

Most AANs issued after AAN Number 21700 and some earlier AANs that have been re-issued after 29 July 2002 are available from this site. Documents prior to 1992 were not usually stored electronically and are consequently only available as a paper copy.

There are currently no plans to provide these in an electronic format.

AAN Database and Document Search.

The AAN Database contains the details of over 30,000 AANs and can be searched using the Database Search function.

Copies of AANs stored as PDF files can be accessed using the Document Search function.