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CAA On-Line Forms

CAA is gradually introducing a new on-line forms solution, which will enable you to complete and submit applications electronically.  As part of this change we will also be introducing the option to pay on-line for your applications.

Browser Support

This form will function correctly only if you are accessing it using a web-browser that is able to support JavaScript.

You will not be able to submit a form if your browser does not support JavaScript. Partial JavaScript support can also cause submission failure by blocking a critical form function, for instance, preventing a user from providing mandatory data. Please check your browser supports JavaScript before investing time in filling out this form.

Forms have been tested on a variety of different browsers. If you have any issues completing the form, please let us know.

Use of Cookies

The form solution uses cookies to allow the submission of your completed form. This is for the purpose of maintaining the connection between your computer and our servers. No personal information is stored in these cookies.

A cookie is used to maintain connection information between your computer and our servers as a part of completing the form. By accessing the form you are consenting to this cookie being used.

Data Security and Retention

In filling this form in, you will be providing personal data to the CAA, which will be handled in accordance with the CAA Data Protection Statement. Please be aware that technical staff working on behalf of the CAA may on an exceptional basis access user submitted data to provide support or to address technical issue associated with your form submission.

On-Line Payments

You are purchasing services from:

Civil Aviation Authority Online Form Services Aviation House Gatwick RH6 0YR

The CAA cannot guarantee a faster processing time for your application if you choose to make an immediate on-line payment.  Please do however be aware that should you choose to make your payment by cheque, this will result in a delay of 3 or more days from CAA receiving the cheque.

The CAA only take payments in GBP  For more details please refer to the CAA Payment Policy.

On-line payments for our on-line forms service are taken via WorldPay

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