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FAQ Answer

What is the cost of printed CAA publications?

The CAA has agreed with The Stationery Office a pricing matrix that is based upon page extent, percentage colour content and finishing details. This provides a framework that ensures CAA documents are available in paper format at a consistent and competitive price.

As an example the page content for a 10 page black and white document would cost £2 whilst that for a 100 page black and white document would cost £14, the same page content for a document in full colour would cost £28. The page content for a 500 page black and white document would cost £35.

Ring binders are supplied for all amendable documents, these add £3 rising to £3.50 for those designed for more than 400 pages to the above page costs.

Where wiro binding is used (instead of ring binders) for non-amendable intermediate sized documents (20 - 200 pages) this adds from 75p to £3 to the page cost.

A few documents, such as logbooks, have special features - such as hard covers and stitched bindings, these are priced seperately.

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