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FAQ Answer

I am experiencing problems reading/submitting a pdf form using Mac and Safari

If you don't have Acrobat or Reader, or haven't installed the PDFViewer plug-in, then Safari shows PDF files using the Mac OS X native PDF support. Support for many Adobe PDF workflows (such as the Collaboration feature or many Forms and Security features) is unavailable.

iPads/iPhones - Applicants will need to install the full version of Adobe Reader so that they have form field functionality. You will be able to complete the required fields but you will need to send the form in to the CAA email address on the form as an original (unflattened) attachment (click the Mac Users button to do this). On receipt we can resubmit your form from our Windows equipment and you should then receive a receipted copy of the form in the usual way.

The Adobe website offers further information.

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