FAQ Answer

FAQ Answer

I am experiencing difficulty viewing the CAA Publications.

To view the Publications requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This is freely available from www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

It is strongly recommended that you use the latest version.

It is also strongly recommended that any previously installed versions of Acrobat are fully uninstalled before you install the latest version.

Occasionally problems can arise with the larger documents when they are displayed within the browser. The following action can resolve this problem. Right click on the link to the document and then choose to save the file to a local drive, then open the file directly in Acrobat Reader.

If you still experience difficulties then to help us to provide a better service please email Webmaster@caa.co.uk and state the operating system, browser version and Acrobat version being used together with the details of document concerned.

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