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Aviation Policy Framework (2013)
The DfT’s aviation policy framework sets out the government’s policy to allow the aviation sector to continue to make a significant contribution to economic growth across the country. It provides the baseline for the Airports Commission to take into account on important issues such as aircraft noise and climate change.

Sustainable Aviation’s Noise Road-Map (2013)
Sustainable Aviation launched the aviation industry’s first “Noise Road-Map”, demonstrating how it believes noise from UK aviation will not increase despite a near doubling in flights over the next 40 years. This will be achieved through the development and introduction of quieter aircraft alongside the implementation of better operating procedures and improved land-use planning. Going forwards, signatories to Sustainable Aviation will use this Road-Map to guide their own plans to manage noise. A non-technical summary of the Noise Road-Map is available here.

The Airports Commission
The Airports Commission (also known as the Davies Commission) examines the need for additional UK airport capacity and recommends to government how this can be met in the short, medium and long term.  The impact from aviation noise is one of the factors in its considerations.

The Airports Commission published a discussion paper on aviation noise in 2013.

European Commission’s “Flightpath 2050 – Europe’s Vision for Aviation”
This is a report of the High-Level Group on Aviation Research. It sets out the Commission’s vision for 2050 and “where the European research priorities should be set to bring clear EU-added value, so as to preserve EU growth and competitiveness worldwide, whilst meeting market needs as well as energy and environmental challenges.” The strategy includes a goal to reduce perceived aviation noise by 65%. This is relative to the capabilities of typical new aircraft in 2000.

Attitudes to Noise from Aviation Sources in England (ANASE) study (2007)
The purpose of the ANASE study was to produce an up-to-date analysis of the impacts of aircraft noise, building on previous research from 1985.  The ANASE study was published alongside its technical appendices, comments from the independent peer reviewers and a statement from the Department's Chief Economist, which sets out the analytical conclusions that the DfT has drawn from the report. The study was produced for the Department by Mva Consultancy.

FAA website – aircraft noise issues 
The USA’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) publishes information about aviation noise. 

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