Bowtie Templates

These templates are focussed around the Significant Seven safety risks

The Significant Seven Bowtie project has established a set of bowtie templates that are focused around the risks which contribute towards to the Significant Seven for UK Commercial Air Transport (CAT) fixed wing operations (classed as large aircraft (greater than 5700kg MTOW)).

The development and distribution of bowtie templates seek to provide the following benefits to end users and the UK aviation industry in general:

  • End users save significant amounts of resourcing by accessing models that have already been largely completed and merely require customising to the operator’s specific circumstances;

  • End users have a reference point for what is considered to be an appropriate application of the bowtie methodology and guidance in good practices for the development of consistent and high quality bowties moving forward;

  • The bowtie templates provide a framework for linking Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) to safety controls and therefore demonstrate their relationship/ relevance to risk management;

  • To facilitate a shared understanding of safety issues and the ways in which various industry groups interact in the management of risks;

  • To encourage dialogue between multiple stakeholders by providing reference to a common risk management model;

  • Providing a common baseline to facilitate comparisons between end users with regard to safety management strategies and their achieved performance levels.

The material presented here presupposes at least a basic understanding of SMS, risk management, and bowtie methodology principles.

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