Identifying Safety and Risk Priorities in Bowtie

How to develop a bowtie risk model

Once the basic bowtie elements are created, additional safety insights can be developed by rating, categorising and assessing the diagram elements and by linking management system information appropriate to the desired safety goals.

This can be achieved by assessing the elements of the bowtie through the below menu:

Control EffectivenessAllocate a rating of how well the control performs
Threat ExposureAllocate a rating showing the potential likelihood of this threat being present in an everyday flight
Control TypeShows the group to which a control belongs to based on its purpose
Control FunctionIndicates how that control acts within the risk picture (e.g. eliminates the threat or prevents the top event)
Control CriticalityHighlights those controls which are significant to manage the risk
Control OwnershipDemonstrates day to day management of the control