Passengers with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility

Information about your rights and how to access help

Your rights in the EU

European Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 provides rights for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility when travelling by air.

  • These rights apply when you fly from a European Union (EU) airport. 
  • Flights to EU airports are also covered provided that you are travelling with a EU registered carrier.

Airport operators and airlines must provide assistance free of charge if you have a disability or reduced mobility and require help to complete your journey.

Help is available from when you arrive at a designated point at your departure airport and, if required, can cover:

  • your journey through the airport
  • boarding the aircraft,
  • your time on board the aircraft during the flight
  • disembarking from the aircraft
  • transferring between flights at an airport
  • travelling through your destination airport

Airlines can only refuse a booking on safety grounds (usually to do with safe evacuation of the aircraft during an incident) or if the size of the aircraft doors means that mobility equipment cannot be loaded onto the aircraft. If a booking is refused, the airline must say why.

Outside the EU

Similar legislation applies in other countries including the United States. However, there are many parts of the world where similar rights are not available.  Assistance may require a fee or not be available at all.

The Civil Aviation Authority has powers to enforce the Regulation in the UK. It is also the designated complaints handler for the UK. The advice below relates primarily to travel from and to EU airports.

Before you Fly

Cabin Safety Briefing

How to arrange help

Medical clearance to fly

At the Airport

Aircraft Seating

Getting help in the terminal 

On Board the Aircraft

Passengers drinking water onboard aircraft

Planning for your flight


Use of oxygen

Mobility and Medical Equipment

drinks being served

Essential information for passengers

Assistance Dogs

Planning your journey

Resolving Travel Problems

Question mark

Your rights and how the CAA can help 


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