Guidance on using the Bowtie Templates

How to use the templates that correspond to the Significant Seven safety risks

Before accessing and using the bowtie models and documentation, please ensure that you read the full licence agreement and agree to the conditions of use.

To understand and appreciate how the top event is managed within the Significant Seven templates, the “core” bowties have been assessed with additional information. 

The allocation of this has been based on a UK industry average performance through subject matter expert judgement.  The taxonomies and allocations are described in the following pages for clarity.

Control EffectivenessAllocate a rating of how well the control performs
Threat ExposureAllocate a rating showing the potential likelihood of this threat being present in an everyday flight
Control TypeShows the group to which a control belongs to based on its purpose
Control FunctionIndicates how that control acts within the risk picture (e.g. eliminates the threat or prevents the top event)
Control CriticalityHighlights those controls which are significant to manage the risk
Control OwnershipDemonstrates the stakeholder responsible for the core management of the control showing the total system approach to risk management.