Criminal Record Checks

Information for aviation security employers and staff

Criminal record checks can play a key role in your personnel security regime, both at the pre-employment stage and in maintaining security standards.

The National Aviation Security Program (NASP) requires a basic criminal record disclosure for certain roles. This shows unspent convictions only.

Who needs a criminal record check?

Potential employees – including non-British nationals – must have successfully passed a criminal record check (basic disclosure) before they can be employed in a role that requires a background check to be undertaken.

Current employees who hold an airport identification card must successfully pass a criminal record check (basic disclosure) on renewal of their airport identification card.

A criminal record check (basic disclosure) is required for someone to work:

  • unescorted in a security restricted area (SRA) at an airport, as they will need to hold an airport identification card issued by the airport manager
  • as a certified trainer
  • as a certified validator of known consignors
  • as the person responsible for security and its implementation at a regulated agents or known consignors site

Applicants will also require an equivalent overseas certificate for all countries in which they have lived continuously for 6 months or in the previous 5 years.

Repeating a criminal record check

As an employer, if your employee holds an airport identification card then you will be required by the airport manager to obtain a new criminal record certificate (basic disclosure) before they will renew an airport identification card.

Applying for multiple airport identification cards

Anyone who wishes to apply to hold a permanent airport identification card at more than one airport will need to produce criminal record certificate documentation for each card application.

This can be the same criminal record certificate provided it is presented within 10 weeks from the date of issue.

Criminal record checks and counter terrorist checks

A criminal record check is also required as part of a Counter Terrorist Check (CTC), or higher level of National Security Vetting (NSV): however please note that this is a separate process.