Consultation - UK Ireland RP2 Performance Plan - Consultation Document

This document forms part of a consultation on the UK-Ireland draft Performance Plan for Reference period 2 (2015-2019) of the Single European Sky performance scheme. The performance scheme is an EU initiative to improve the performance of air navigation services in the four key performance areas: safety, environment, capacity and cost efficiency.

Consultation Details
SponsorMarkets and Consumers Group
Start Date:19 February 2014

Closing Date:


4 April 2014




Responses to draft FAB plan for RP2

Publication of the revised plan on 27 May 2014 follows the consultation with industry earlier this year. The plan needs to be agreed by both the UK and Irish governments before it can be submitted to the European Commission by 30 June 2014. All FAB performance plans must then be accepted by the European Commission, before they can come in to force from 1 January 2015 onwards.

The revised CAA and IAA SRD FAB performance plan is available here. Other documents relating to the draft performance plan are also available here.

Consultation Documents:







Consultancy reports are available on the CAA website on the NATS Licence page.