Should I convert my full JAA licence to a LAPL?

Private Pilot Licence conversions

This is a personal decision based on your circumstances and the type of flying you want to do.

If you change to a LAPL (and your GP has signed up for the medical declaration scheme) then you may be able to reduce your medical charges or keep flying if you are unable to meet the EASA Class 2 medical requirements. Note that you cannot use a JAA or Part-FCL PPL, CPL or ATPL with an EASA FCL LAPL medical certificate and fly to LAPL restrictions, if you want to fly as a LAPL holder, you must convert to a LAPL.

But if you do convert to a LAPL licence you will have the extra restrictions of only flying in EASA states with no more than four people in the aircraft and an aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of  two metric tonnes or less.

When you fly non-EASA aircraft using a LAPL outside the UK you must check that the EASA state you are visiting agrees to EASA FCL licences being used in non-EASA aircraft, as it is each country's individual choice to allow that to happen.

It is expected that many EASA States will write approval for this into national law or regulations (as the UK has done), but each separate EASA state must decide for themselves.