I have a National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL)

Private pilot licence conversions

The NPPL was issued from mid-2002 and is still being issued today.

It is a non-ICAO licence, valid for life in UK airspace, with some possibility of flying abroad with permission from foreign authorities. The licence can contain up to three aircraft class ratings (microlight, self launching motor glider, and SSEA – simple single-engine aircraft), plus personal flying instructor ratings for microlights and self launching motor gliders. Note that unlike the SEP rating contained in other licences, an SSEA rating gives no privileges for flying microlights even if differences training has been signed off, instead, a microlight rating must be held to fly microlights using this licence.

It is valid with an EASA or JAA class one or two medical certificate, a LAPL medical certificate, or with a GP-countersigned NPPL medical declaration.

You will not need to convert this licence to fly non-EASA (Annex II) aircraft (e.g. microlights) included in its current ratings with their defined restrictions on maximum take-off weight, number of people on board, etc.

However, from 8 April 2015 the NPPL will no longer be valid in any EASA aircraft and will have to be converted to an EASA Part FCL licence such as a LAPL (A) or LAPL (S) if you want to fly EASA aircraft.

If you want to convert you'll need a LAPL medical from an AME, or your GP can do this if they want to sign up for the LAPL medical scheme and you are free of certain pre-existing conditions which need referral to an AME. You'll also need to be certified to a valid English language proficiency level (4, 5, or 6) before the conversion can take place.