I have a CAA National UK PPL

Private Pilot Licence conversions

This licence was issued up to the year 2000 and, apart from a small number issued in 2000, is valid for life.

The new EU law (EASA FCL) changes the previously held privileges and rights of this licence, restricting the aircraft that you can fly with it, without providing any 'grandfather rights'.

When issued, this was the UK's ICAO-standard PPL, and is capable of holding all aircraft class and type ratings and personal ratings (such as an instructor rating, or an IMC rating). Ratings in the licence last one to three years and, when in date, can be used while the licence is valid. However, under the new EU regulations, the aircraft ratings will not be valid on many aircraft that were covered or included in the past, if they are EASA aircraft.

This PPL requires a valid EASA or JAA class one or two medical certificate. LAPL medical certificates are not valid with this licence. However, a CAA exemption (which should be checked for validity as it expires every year) which allows ratings classified as 'NPPL ratings' (ie: SSEA, Microlight, SLMG) may be used within this PPL using a GP-countersigned NPPL medical declaration. SEP ratings can be used within this licence using a GP-countersigned NPPL medical declaration, but SEP ratings cannot be renewed or revalidated whilst used with such a medical declaration. 

The CAA national UK PPL remains valid to fly non-EASA (Annex II) aircraft included in its current ratings. Microlights can also be flown under an SEP rating after differences training is signed off. However it will only remain valid to fly EASA aircraft until 8 April 2014, and then with limited privileges for one year, when it finally loses all rights for use with EASA aircraft.

From 8 April 2014 to 7 April 2015 inclusive, when flying EASA aircraft covered by ratings in the licence, the following restrictions apply to this licence:

  • unless you have a Class 2 medical it will only be valid in UK airspace 
  • in aircraft up to and including two metric tonnes maximum take-off mass
  • with a maximum four people on board.

From 8 April 2015 it will not be valid for any EASA aircraft.