I have a JAA PPL

Private Pilot Licence conversions

This licence has a five year life. JAR-FCL licences are no longer issued by Member States and the licence will have to be re-issued as an EASA licence to add a rating or when it expires.

While your JAA PPL is still valid and recognised as an EASA Part FCL licence, it will still expire on the date shown in the licence. It cannot now be re-issued or renewed as a JAA PPL, but must be submitted for conversion to an EASA-FCL licence, either at the end of its five year life or whenever any CAA action is required on the licence e.g. a change of address or the addition of an extra rating. If you intend to fly non-EASA aircraft which require a specific aircraft type rating (for example, a Catalina), these rarer type ratings for non-EASA aircraft cannot be held within an EASA licence, and therefore, if you have such ratings, then on conversion to an EASA licence, you need to also request a UK national licence to contain the non-EASA type rating. However, if you only fly aircraft within the SEP or MEP classes, or type-rated EASA aircraft, you do not require a second national licence, as an EASA licence can hold such ratings.

You need a valid current English language proficiency endorsement to have a licence converted: