I have a PPL Microlight

How to stay legal

Your PPL (Microlight) is a non-ICAO hobby microlight licence, valid for life in UK airspace in microlight aircraft. There are two distinct types of microlight, 3-axis and weight shift. Difference training from a suitably qualified instructor is required to initially change from one to another, but both count as microlights.

To be able to use your licence you must have an EASA or JAA Class One or Two medical certificate, a LAPL medical certificate, or, more usually, a GP-countersigned NPPL Medical Declaration.

Some restrictions apply until additional training and experience has been met. This restricts you to flying only in conditions where there is no cloud below 1,000 feet over the take-off and landing sites and over the planned route, that there is a flight visibility of not less than 10 km and that you do not fly more than 8 nautical miles from the take-off site. These restrictions can be removed from your licence on recommendation from the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA).

The PPL (Microlight) pilot has a choice of remaining with the original scheme of obtaining a new 13 month Certificate of Experience stamp in the log book from an examiner, earned by showing 5 hours flying in the expiring 13 month validity period, or of obtaining a 2 year microlight rating. If this is revalidated on the 2 year scheme, the pilot can no longer opt for the 5 hours in 13 month scheme.