I have a CAA National UK PPL

How to stay legal

Your CAA National UK PPL is an international standard ICAO private pilot's licence that is valid for life.

To be able to use your licence you must have a valid EASA or JAA Class One or Two medical certificate. If a LAPL medical certificate is used your licence has the same restrictions as an NPPL.

The rules governing aircraft rating revalidation or renewal (e.g. SEP(land) class) are the same for the same ratings in an EASA PPL.

You can use SSEA, Microlight, or SLMG ratings, classified as NPPL ratings, within your licence with a GP-countersigned NPPL Medical Declaration or an EASA Class One or Two medical certificate. The rules for revalidation and renewal of these NPPL ratings are the same as if held in an NPPL licence.

Current SEP ratings can also be used within this licence with a GP-countersigned NPPL medical declaration providing NPPL-SSEA restrictions are adhered to, but your SEP ratings cannot be renewed or revalidated whilst used with such a medical declaration. 

This licence is valid for non-EASA (Annex II) aircraft included in its current ratings.

Changes from April 2014

The CAA National UK PPL will be valid in EASA aircraft until 8 April 2014. After this date it will carry the same restrictions as a LAPL(A) for the next 12 months when flying EASA aircraft up to 2 metric tonnes MTOM with a maximum four people on board.

If you are flying with a GP authorised medical declaration you will be restricted to flying in UK airspace. From one year later (8 April 2015) the licence will no longer be valid in any EASA aircraft.