I have a JAA PPL

How to stay legal

Your JAA PPL acts as a legal substitute for an EASA PPL but will expire five years from when it was issued or renewed. 

To be able to use your JAA PPL you must have an EASA (or JAA) Class One or Two medical certificate. An NPPL or other medical declaration from your GP or an EASA LAPL medical certificate is not valid with this licence.

The rules governing aircraft rating revalidation or renewal (e.g. SEP(land) class) are the same for the same ratings in an EASA PPL.

Your JAA PPL will have been issued between 2000 and 2012 with a 5 year life. After this date it cannot be re-issued or renewed as a JAA PPL and must be submitted for conversion to an EASA-FCL licence. Your licence must also be converted if it needs any CAA administrative action, like adding a rating or changing your address.  At this conversion point, if you have any national-only ratings that you need to keep, you may need to ask for a national PPL in order to retain them in the current form.

For more information see the section on EASA PPL(A) Licences.