I have an EASA LAPL(H)

How to stay legal

Your LAPL(H) is a lifetime licence valid in EU countries to fly a helicopter with a set weight limit (maximum take-off mass of two metric tonnes) and with no more than four people on board the aircraft (pilot and three passengers).

The LAPL requires an in-date EASA Part-Med Medical Certificate, at LAPL level, but Class One or Class Two certificates can also be used. A valid JAA Class One or Two medical certificate is also acceptable. But you cannot use your LAPL with an NPPL medical declaration.
All helicopters are all type rated. Each type rating lasts for 12 months and must be revalidated by completing an annual type rating licence proficiency check (LPC) at an authorised Registered Training Facility (RTF) (until 8 April 2014) or an Approved Training Organisation (ATO).