Language Proficiency

Information for private pilots

International requirements mean that pilots with an EASA Part-FCL licence or rating need  a valid language proficiency endorsement  before using an aircraft’s radio, or when flying in countries other than the one that issued their licence

The endorsement is graded in levels. Level 6, which the majority of UK licence holders will obtain, represents complete fluency and is non-expiring. Lower levels of proficiency need to be renewed and a level below four is not acceptable.

Most pilots who have recently gained their licence will have been assessed and granted a level six endorsement by the examiner during their flight or radio tests. In this case the pilot or flying school will need to supply a report, completed by the flight or radio examiner, confirming that the pilot has reached level six standard.

Many other pilots will have already have been assessed as level six by an examiner as part of a recent flight check or other review.

To gain a level six rating without undergoing a flight test you need to take a short ground test with either:

  • a CAA licensed or approved flight examiner who already holds a level six rating and is authorised by the UK CAA as an assessor
  • a CAA approved language school
  • a radiotelephony examiner

You’ll need to submit an application form (SRG1199) with supporting material along with a photocopy of official photo-id (such as a passport or driving licence) endorsed as a true copy by the examiner who made the assessment.

It is important to have a current language proficiency level included in your licence as any change to a licence, such as an EASA conversion or the addition of ratings, cannot be made without it.

The fee to have your licence page updated with your new language level is normally £20 (but costs can be revised on 1 April each year). If your licence needs converting to an EASA Part-FCL licence and your language assessment is sent in at the same time as the conversion forms, the language endorsement fee will not be charged.

Full details of the language proficiency process and a link to the application form.

You can check your recorded language proficiency level by emailing with your name and licence number.