Multi-engine piston rating (MEP)

Multi-engine piston rating (MEP)

If you have a PPL(A) for SEP you can be trained and tested to add a multi engine piston (MEP) class rating to your licence.

To add a multi-engine piston rating to your licence you must have flown at least 70 hours as pilot in command on aeroplanes and must apply to add the rating within 6 months of passing the skills test.

You'll need to have a Part-Med class medical appropriate to the level of licence held and be trained at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). The course will include:

  • A theoretical knowledge course including at least 7 hours of instruction in multi-engine aeroplane operations
  • A flight training course including:

    • at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of dual flight instruction under normal conditions of multi-engine aeroplane operations  
    • at least 3 hours 30 minutes of dual flight instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques
  •  A multiple choice theory exam organised by the training organisation
  • A skill test, which you must pass within 6 months of starting the training course

The MEP rating lasts for 1 year from the date you pass the skills test.

To revalidate the rating you must pass a proficiency check within three months prior to expiry. If the pilot has not flown at least 10 route sectors as pilot of the relevant class or type of aeroplane then one route sector must be flown as part of the proficiency check. A route sector is a flight with take-off, departure, cruise of not less than 15 minutes, arrival, approach and landing phases.

To renew the rating if expired, you need to take refresher training and pass a proficiency check at an ATO.