Getting your PPL (A) or (H)

Training for your licence

To get your PPL(A) to fly aeroplanes or (H) to fly helicopters you will need to:

  • Pass a flight test after a minimum of 45 hours' flying training with an approved organisation
  • Pass nine multiple choice ground exams
  • Pass a practical radio test to get your Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence
  • Pass an English language proficiency assessment. This is taken at the same time as your radio test. If English is not your main language, you may have to take a formal assessment of English proficiency with an approved specialist language assessor.
  • Pass a medical to get a class two medical certificate issued by an Aeromedical Examiner (AME). If your main reason for learning to fly involves future commercial flying, it might be worth obtaining a (more expensive) class one medical certificate from the CAA Medical Department at the very start, in order to reveal any previously unsuspected medical problems which might preclude commercial flying later, before spending too much money on courses and finding problems later.

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