The medical

Introduction to the medical requirements for private pilots

All pilot licences require a medical certificate or medical declaration and while it is fine to have a trial flight and some initial lessons you should avoid committing to a full training programme before having a medical check.

You may be worried that the medical will stop you from learning to fly. Common concerns usually include:

  • Vision - the standard requirement allows you to wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Asthma - if you have asthma you may need to take some additional tests but providing it is well controlled it need not be a problem
  • High blood pressure - modern blood pressure medication can be used

For medical advice you can contact the CAA medical team or your local Aeromedical Examiner (AME).

For the LAPL and NPPL your medical certificate or declaration can be done by your GP (for the LAPL your GP needs to have signed up to take part in the scheme).