Licence verification

Having your licence details verified

For security and to help prevent fraud the CAA will only verify your licence details directly to other National Aviation Authorities (NAA), Companies and Airlines.

This information explains how your UK issued licence can be verified following a request from an airline, organisation or National Aviation Authority.

Your licence details will be verified according to our records at the time of the request. It will include any current enforcement actions.

  • To apply for a licence verification use form SRG 1160.

The process

  • Pilot sends a completed form (SRG 1160) to the CAA by post, email or fax and a fee of £43.00
  • Pilot contacts the relevant the National Aviation Authority (NAA), Company or Airline that has requested the verification
  • The NAA, company or airline must contact the CAA directly by email to request the verification at
  • We will endeavour to process within 10 working days from receipt of a complete application
    (this is the date on which we have received the completed SRG1160, the verification request and fee)

Any subsequent requests, following changes to your licence, or requests to verify your details to an additional NAA, company or airline must be dealt with separately and will involve a separate charge. 

Please note that no verification process is available for NPPL or LAPL holders, as they are not ICAO compliant. 

If you already hold a FAA 61.75 certificate which has been issued on the basis of a UK issued licence and the FAA 61.75 needs to be reissued due to a reunumbered licence being issued by the UK CAA post September 2012, please see the following guidance: