Pilot Training Organisation Approval

Guidance for pilot training organisations

CAA Seminars on the Transition of  Registered Training Facilities (RTFs) to Approved Training Organisations

Information Notice IN-2013/131 provides initial guidance to Registered Training Facilities (RTF) that wish to continue to provide flight training for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) for aeroplanes or helicopters, or for the Single Engine Piston Class Rating or Night Rating for aeroplanes, highlighting that they must become Approved Training Organisations (ATO) by no later than the 8 April 2015. In addition, it gave details for any RTF intending to provide training for the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) for any category of aircraft, advising that it must become an ATO before offering that training.

To help RTFs understand the new European requirements and what is involved in becoming an ATO, the CAA is running a series of seminars. For full details, including how to book please see IN-2013/150

Information for  Registered Training Facilities seeking ATO Approval for PPL and LAPL Training

The UK CAA has prepared a  template Manual to assist ATOs in meeting EASA Part-ORA requirements for Operations, Training and Quality for PPL & LAPL courses.  

The manual has been designed  to be personalised by the ATO in order to show their compliance with Part-ORA.  It has been developed on the basis that the organisation is already a UK Registered Facility delivering PPL training; aeroplane or helicopter.  The task for the applicant is to add the details of their organisation as currently Registered with the CAA, using this template manual as appropriate.