ATOL Service Standards

Our ATOL service standards set out what you can expect when you deal with us. We are committed to providing high quality, timely and responsive services to travel businesses.

General Service Targets

  • Our staff will be courteous and helpful.
  • Visitors with pre-arranged appointments will be met on time. 
  • Telephones will be answered promptly and our staff will identify themselves by name. 
  • Your enquiry will be dealt with at the time if possible; if not we’ll arrange to call you back at a convenient time.
  • We’ll respond to routine letters and requests for information within two weeks
  • Where letters raise difficult issues or issues that cannot be dealt with immediately and it will take some time to prepare a full response, we shall respond within two weeks telling you the reason for the delay and indicating how long a substantive reply is likely to take.

ATOL Licence Service Standards

We cannot process applications for any kind of licence until we have the necessary information and fees in support of it. Any delay in providing these will lengthen the overall time taken to reach a decision.

New ATOL Applications

As soon as possible after we receive an application (usually within two weeks), we’ll let you know if there is any further information we need from you in order to progress it.

We will aim to ensure that the waiting time between the submission of the required information and our decision on the application is not more than eight weeks on average. Straightforward applications and those received at quieter times of the year may be dealt with more quickly.

ATOL Renewals

We will deal with fully supported renewal applications within an average of two months.