The CAA Environment Panel

Helping the CAA meet its environmental objectives

The CAA has set up an Environment Panel to assist the CAA in meeting its strategic environmental objective.  The Environment Panel will provide external review, advice and challenge to the CAA in meeting the objectives of its environmental programme.  The Panel will meet twice a year and consist of seven experts representing a range of stakeholder organisations.

Terms of Reference


The panel will provide an external review of the CAA environmental programme. This follows feedback from internal and external contacts that such a panel might be beneficial to the running of the programme.

Objective of the Group

To assist the CAA in meeting its strategic environmental objective by providing external review, advice and challenge of the environment programme.


 small panel of 7 senior experts representing stakeholders from across the sector were invited to join the panel.

  • Tim Johnson: Aviation Environment Federation
  • Matt Gorman: Heathrow Airport Ltd
  • Dr Naresh Kumar: Rolls Royce
  • Sian Foster: Virgin Atlantic
  • Ian Jopson: NATS
  • Callum Thomas: Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Dr Andy Jefferson: Sustainable Aviation

The members will work towards the objective of the Panel, and not promote their own interests or those of any group or organisation for which they work or of which they are members.  Members will be appointed as individuals and not as delegates of any particular interest group.

Working methods

The panel will meet twice a year to review progress with the work programme and input thoughts on how the programme might be altered to reflect the latest developments.  Papers and a record of the meeting will be circulated in advance to help inform discussions.  All documents and a record of the panel discussions will be placed on the CAA website to ensure transparency and further invite challenge. 

3rd Meeting - 10 December 2013

 2nd meeting - 29 July 2013

1st meeting - 17 December 2012

If you would like to discuss the CAA’s environmental role please contact: