CAA Environment Programme - Noise Modelling and Local Impacts

How the CAA assesses the impact of aircraft noise

Our noise modelling and monitoring work involves the collection and analysis of aircraft noise, flight path and other operational data.  In addition to the impacts of aircraft noise, there are also the issues of aviation’s impacts on local air quality in the vicinity of airports and carbon emissions.


  • Publication of noise data for the first 17 months of Boeing 787 operations at Heathrow Airport
  • Publication of Managing Aviation Noise - looking at strategies that industry can take to reduce and mitigate noise, the tactics to engage industry in the effort, and the steps likely to be necessary beyond that to engage local communities in airport expansion.
  • A review in response to the Government's Aviation Policy Framework to help inform the definition of a Noise Envelope concept which can be applied to airports looking to increase their capacity. 
  • Produced a literature review to help inform Government policy on aircraft noise related sleep disturbance and health effects.
  • Proposed a methodology for estimating the cost of sleep disturbance from aircraft noise
  • Established a technical working group on departure noise limits in association with the Department for Transport’s Aircraft Noise Management Advisory Committee (ANMAC)