CAA Environment Programme - Safety and Standards

Our work with the aviation industry

The CAA is improving its capabilities to deliver targeted and efficient safety oversight and to help organisations embed, where appropriate, best practice into their own safety management processes.  Much of this work has an environmental dimension around aircraft emissions, biofuels, renewable energy technologies and aerodrome licencing.

We will be encouraging sharing of best practice across the industry


  • Commitment for a project (in collaboration with Liverpool University) to ensure the validation of a model outlining the nature of the Wake Turbulence associated with wind turbines.  It will provide pilots with information critical for making effective risk assessments when flying in the vicinity of wind turbines.

  • Continued presence of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to attend the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection for the next 3 years.  Additionally, the same SME will be participating in an EASA Group regarding aircraft emissions.  Both of these activities will ensure the CAA’s future corporate knowledge regarding emissions and will allow the UK to influence the creation of European and International emissions standards.

  • Consultation was held on the production of a Qualified Product List (QPL) for fire fighting foam that requires two essential elements for a product to be added to the QPL – evidence of fire fighting performance and of environmental impact.