Our Environment Strategy and Programme

How the CAA's Environment Programme is managed

The Strategy and Programme area is responsible for the direction and ongoing management of our environment work programme.

It is comprised of three main functions:

  • Environmental Strategy,
  • Policy Advisory and
  • Central programme office.


Much of our work in this area involves embedding environmental awareness across the work of the CAA so involves awareness raising campaigns among CAA staff.  We also see a strong need for a policy advisory role to Government – utilising our knowledge as aviation’s specialist regulator. 

The CAA also recognises its own activities can impact upon the environment and is committed to demonstrating our commitment to conducting business in the most environmentally sustainable way, by taking strong measures to limit our own environmental impact day to day and longer term.  The 'Greening the CAA programme' is designed to improve the CAA’s environmental sustainability by targeting reductions and improvements in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement. These targets areas have been agreed by the CAA’s Executive Committee in July 2012, are included in our current Annual Report and aim to reduce the impact of the CAA’s business activities by 31 March 2015. Our targets are:

Energy: to achieve a 15% reduction in energy use over 2011/12 levels by 2015.

Waste: to achieve 1) a minimum office recycling rate of 70% by 2015; and 2) a 10% reduction in office waste production over 2011/12 figures by 2015.

Procurement: aims for the procurement department to attain Level 1 of the ‘Sustainable Procurement in Government: Flexible Framework’.

Water: to reduce water consumption across the CAA estate to less than 6.5m3 per FTE.

Travel: to achieve a 10% reduction in CO2, generated from business travel over 2011/12 levels by 2015.

The Greening the CAA programme is driven forward by a combination of internal initiatives, structured communication and refurbishment projects which are designed to instigate a culture of positive environmental behaviour among the staff, driving sustainability through our contractors, seeking efficiencies in everyday actions and delivering a reduction of energy consumption with cost-effective renovations of parts of the office buildings at Aviation House and CAA House.

In addition to this we produced our Climate Change Adaptation Report that outlines how we are adapting to climate change.