Our Sustainability Objectives

The CAA's Environment Programme

Aviation activity has an impact on the Environment whether it be from its contribution to climate change at the international level; or more locally through noise and local air quality impacts.  The CAA recognises that due to this, the environment is playing an ever greater role in the policy debate.  If these environmental impacts are not tackled, the sector will not be allowed to grow. 

Although we encourage the Industry to lead on tackling these challenges, the CAA accepts that we have a key role to play in this as aviation’s regulator.  In light of this the CAA has a sustainability objective as part of our five-year Strategic Plan to ‘To improve environmental performance through more efficient use of airspace and make an efficient contribution to reducing the aviation industry’s environmental impacts.’

To achieve this sustainability objective the CAA has recently updated it's Environmental Programme 2014 - 2016.  This set out our activities for the next two years and shows how we will use a range of approaches to deliver environmental work.  Progress includes:

Our environment programme is broken down into five key areas: