Our Sustainability Objectives

The CAA's Environment Programme

Aviation activity has an impact on the Environment whether it be from its contribution to climate change at the international level; or more locally through noise and local air quality impacts.  The CAA recognises that due to this, the environment is playing an ever greater role in the policy debate.  If these environmental impacts are not tackled, the sector will not be allowed to grow. 

Although we encourage the Industry to lead on tackling these challenges, the CAA accepts that we have a key role to play in this as aviation’s regulator.  In light of this the CAA has a sustainability objective as part of our five-year Strategic Plan to ‘To improve environmental performance through more efficient use of airspace and make an efficient contribution to reducing the aviation industry’s environmental impacts.’

To achieve this sustainability objective the CAA produced CAA and the Environment.  This sets out our activities for the next four years and shows how we will use a range of approaches such as  facilitating, advising, influencing and regulating to help the aviation sector reduce its environmental impact. 

Progress includes:

  • Publication of Managing Aviation Noise - looking at strategies that industry can take to reduce and mitigate noise, the tactics to engage industry in the effort, and the steps likely to be necessary beyond that to engage local communities in airport expansion
  • consultation on the CAA's updated Environmental Programme 2014 - 2016
  • The publication of the CAA's final policy for carrying out its information duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012.  Alongside this is the summary of consultation responses.  
  • A review in response to the Government's Aviation Policy Framework to help inform the definition of a Noise Envelope concept which can be applied to airports looking to increase their capacity. 
  • A report that we produced on the Practicalities of an Airspace Based Emissions Trading System to assist the UK Government in its discussions at the ICAO General Assembly.
  • review of the impact of noise and nitrogen oxide (NOx) landing charges at selected UK airports
  • Our consultation response to the Airports Commission Discussion Paper 3: Aviation and Climate Change
  • Produced the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) Deployment Plan
  • The CAA has launched a 'Greening the CAA' initiative that looks to reduce the impact of its business activities on the environment, seeks ways to continually improve performance and to encourage staff to be involved.

Our environment programme is broken down into five key areas: