Consultation - Replacement of Class F Airspace in UK Flight Information Regions

The purpose of this consultation is to seek industry comment on the CAA's proposals to replace Class F airspace and to refine these as necessary prior to their implementation.

Consultation Details
SponsorDirectorate of Airspace Policy (DAP)
Start Date:8 April 2013

Closing Date:

26 July 2013 (Note: extended from 12 July 2013 following incorporation of additional information)

Consultation Documents:

Following conclusion of the consultation, responses will be collated and analysed.  The CAA will subsequently publish a Consultation Report summarising the responses along with its final proposals concerning the replacement of Class F and the dates on which the proposed changes are planned to take effect.  

Contact Details:

Consultation responses and any queries on the technical aspects of the proposals should be addressed, preferably by email, to the following:

Dave Drake

Airspace Regulation, DAP, CAA House, 45-49 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE

tel: 020 7453 6554

fax: 020 7453 6565




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