Consultation - Stansted Market Power Assessment

The CAA is minded to find, consistent with its section 1 duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 (“the CA Act”), that the market power test as set out in the CA Act1 Potential implications for regulation of the operator of Stansted is met in relation to Stansted airport (Stansted). This document sets out the reasons for this provisional view. The CAA wishes to consult on its provisional view and will now consider representations and reach a final decision in 2013.

Consultation Details
SponsorRegulatory Policy Group   
Start Date:31 January 2013
Closing Date:

24 May 2013 (extended from 26 April 2013)

STAL has requested an extension of the time available to respond to the CAA’s consultation on the market power assessment for Stansted airport from 17:00 on 26 April. This would allow STAL to see the CAA’s Q6 Initial Proposal for regulating the airport, to be issued on 30 April, before they respond to the consultation. The CAA has agreed to STAL’s request and is therefore extending the consultation period for all stakeholders until 24 May 2013.



Responses are available to view here.

Consultation Documents:

Minded To Document

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