The Joint Regulator's Group (JRG)

Information on the work and remit of the Joint Regulators' Group

The Joint Regulators Group (JRG) is an association of the UK’s economic and competition regulators. It meets four times a year to discuss and exchange learning on topics relevant to regulation within the UK. The JRG also conducts cross regulator working groups pooling resource and expertise to look at topics of specific interest.

The JRG exists to support its members in delivering their own statutory remits, and to add value by visibly supporting the coherence of the UK system of economic regulation.

The JRG works in three main ways:

  • Enabling regulators to explore common issues and develop common approaches where appropriate to sectoral circumstances.  JRG provides a ready-made structure to govern collaborative work. 

  • Providing a “go-to” point for government, investors or other stakeholders on issues that are common to the UK economic regulatory system.  JRG has no opinions of its own, but enables joint communication by its members.  JRG acts transparently and facilitates communication.
  • Supporting effective information exchange between regulators.
  • Terms of Reference from 2012


  • CAA - Civil Aviation Authority
  • Monitor - Independent Regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Ofcom - Office of Communications
  • Ofgem - Gas and Electricity Markets Authority
  • Ofwat - Water Services Regulation Authority
  • ORR - Office of the Rail Regulator
  • HCA - Homes and Communities Agency (Regulatory Committee)
  • Utility Regulator - Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
  • WICS - Water Industry Commission for Scotland


  • OFT - Office of Fair Trading

Chair and Secretariat

The JRG operates a rotating chair with an office holding the chair for a period of one year.

The current chair for 2013 is Sarah Harrison, Senior Partner, Sustainable Development at Ofgem ( supported by Philip Cullum, Consumer Partner at Ofgem (

The secretariat is provided Mark Wagstaff, Better Regulation team, Ofgem (

Please route all enquiries relating to the JRG to the contacts shown above in the first instance.

Joint regulators' documents

Joint Regulators' Group meeting minutes