The CAA Consumer Panel

The CAA Consumer Panel provides a consumer perspective on all aspects of the CAA's work.

The CAA Consumer Panel was established in October 2012. The Panel has internal independence from the CAA and acts as a ‘critical friend’, scrutinising and challenging all of the CAA’s work.

The main aim of the panel is to be a champion for the interests of consumers and our members have a very broad range of skills and experience in this area. Collectively, the Panel has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment both through the development of policy in the consumer interest, and through practical experience of how business best operates within a regulatory framework. The Panel brings strategic thinking and outstanding analytical aptitude, and the ability to apply these in a practical way to improve the experience for consumers in this important industry.

The key activities of the Panel are:

  • To help the CAA to understand fully, and take account of, the interests of consumers in its policy development and decisions.

  • To use existing CAA research, request the CAA to undertake new targeted research, and to gather intelligence, to understand the aviation consumer experience.

  • To provide the CAA with feedback from a consumer perspective on the effectiveness of its policies and practices.

  • To help the CAA develop its approach to consumer engagement to inform its work.

  • To challenge the CAA on behalf of aviation consumers, as appropriate, and if required, through publicly available written notices, in order to positively influence outcomes for passengers.

  • To maintain an overview of developments in the aviation market from a passenger perspective and developments affecting consumers in other markets.

The Panel welcomes correspondence from consumers about their experience of the aviation sector, including the work of the CAA. However, while we may use feedback from consumers to inform our thinking and our advice to the CAA, we are not a complaints handling or consumer advice service and are unable to enter into correspondence with individuals.

If you need advice and assistance, including if you are not satisfied with a complaint you have made an airline or an airport, please contact the CAA’s Passenger Advice and Complaints Team.

For more information on the Panel please contact:

CAA Consumer Panel
CAA House
45-59 Kingsway


Tel:      020 7453 6732