Foreign Aircraft Exemptions

Information associated with the flight in UK Airspace of foreign registered aircraft visiting the UK

Exemption for foreign registered aircraft holding a non ICAO compliant Airworthiness Certificate and/or Registration

Owners and operators of foreign registered aircraft with a temporary registration or without an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) must obtain an Exemption from the CAA before any flight within UK airspace can take place.

If the intended flight includes flying within Channel Islands or Isle of Man airspace, applicants are advised to also contact the relevant Aviation Authority for further advice.

Contact details are:

Director of Civil Aviation Channel Islands - email
Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration – Telephone +44 1624 682358

General Exemptions for Certain Foreign Registered Aircraft not holding ICAO compliant certificate of airworthiness 

Owners of certain foreign registered aircraft that don't hold an ICAO compliant certificate of airworthiness for aircraft registered in an ECAC Member State can use the provisions of CAP 747 Generic Concession No. 6, provided that they comply with this process.

Foreign Registered Home-built Aircraft registered in an ECAC Member State

French Registered Aircraft not possessing ICAO Compliant Certificates of Airworthiness


  • Factory built microlight aeroplanes classified and operating under the ULM category in France
  • Historic aircraft as defined by the French DGAC, of civil design and possessing a CNRAC airworthiness certificate
  • Civil aircraft classified and operating under a CDNR airworthiness certificate in France

Please see the Official Record Series 4 Exemption No. 910

Irish Registered Aircraft not possessing ICAO Compliant Certificates of Airworthiness


  • Microlight aeroplanes,
  • Classic and Vintage aircraft, as defined by the Irish Aviation Authority, of civil design, which are not required to hold an ICAO Annex 8 compliant Certificate of Airworthiness when operating in Ireland
  • Aircraft of civil design issued with a Flight Permit by the Irish Aviation Authority

Please review the Official Record Series 4 Exemption No. 911  

Air Displays

For flight within the UK for the purpose of participating in an air display, please note that any CAA Exemption issued will be valid only for the transit flights to and from the UK.   

For further information see Flying Displays and Special Events


Following the publication of Regulation (EC) 785/2004, the CAA is monitoring compliance on behalf of the UK Department for Transport. As part of this process, insurance documentation may be required upon application for an Exemption. The documents must clearly demonstrate compliance with the EC Regulation. If this is not the case, the documentation provided will be forwarded to the Aircraft Registration Department for review.