UK Met Forecasts and Warnings

How the CAA works with Met forecasters to ensure the quality of aeronautical met forecasts.

In addition to the International aspects of Met forecast services provided, there are a number of national services in place to provide information on weather conditions and their forecast evolution. These include TAFs, Trends, warnings, low-level significant weather charts, spot wind and temperature charts, specific forecast products for General Aviation and Offshore Helicopters.

The Met Authority monitors the performance of the provision of these services on a formal quarterly basis and more frequently if required.

Met forecasters are required to comply with ICAO Standards on forecasting qualifications and training and to ensure that they remain up to date on current forecasting techniques. Additionally, results from forecast verification techniques are used to identify needs for additional training, guidance and changes to working practices.

The CAA ensures that all Met forecasters are trained to a high standard and demonstrate ongoing competence at forecasting, as well as striving to constantly improve on forecasting skills and techniques used for the provision of aeronautical met forecasts to civil aviation.