ICAO Annex 3 - Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation

ICAO standards relating to meteorological service for international air navigation and the CAA's policy in this area.

ICAO Annex 3, Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation, provides standards and recommended practices covering the following key areas:

  • Met Observing
  • Met Forecasts
  • Met Warnings to aircraft
  • Aircraft Met reports
  • Communication and dissemination of Met information

In the UK, aerodromes are responsible for the provision of MET observations to pilots, while the CAA arranges, through Designation arrangements under the SES Service Provision Regulation, for Met forecast and warning services to be provided, to meet ICAO Annex 3 obligations. Other meteorological services and products are provided by a number of organisations, but the CAA does not conduct oversight of these services or providers.

The CAA policy in respect of oversight of meteorological services is given in CAP 782.